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The Features of ADT Security Systems

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If you’re purchasing ADT security systems, it is very important to know all the features that are available to you with your new alarm system. Here are a few basic concepts that you should know about what your new alarm system will likely include.

The Keypad

When ADT security alarms are installed in your home, the first thing that you’re going to notice is the keypad. The keypad is perhaps the most important aspect of ADT security systems, as far as you (the homeowner) is concerned, because it is with this keypad that you will control your alarm system. It is important to set up the keypad with a code that you and your family members will recognize and remember so that you can turn the alarm on and off and change the settings if necessary.

Bypass Features

The keypad also displays the current status of your alarm system, and it allows you to bypass certain zones within your house. For example, if you want to set your alarm and all of your motion detectors, you have the option to bypass a zone where you know there will be movement, such as a cat in your basement. That way, the cat will not set off the alarm system while you are away.

Other Security Features

You also have the option to set up a “false” keypad code, so that, if you were to enter this code, the alarm would turn off as though you entered the correct code, but the police would be automatically notified and would be dispatched to your home. The keypad also allows you to call the police and the fire department (and with some systems, poison control) with the push of one button. With certain systems, you also have the option to set up flood, fire, and smoke detectors.

What to Know Before Buying ADT Security Alarms

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Before you purchase and install ADT security alarms, there are some basic things that you should know. You want to know about the security alarm, how to utilize all of its features, and exactly what it is you are getting.

Determine What You Want to Secure

It’s important to determine what aspects of your home you want to secure with an alarm system. Do you know which doors and windows you need to monitor? Do you know where you want to set up motion detectors? Do you know where you want the keypad to be so you can access it with the most ease? You are installing an alarm system to enhance the safety of you and your family, so make sure you have a plan for how to accomplish that goal.

Determine Your Budget

The price range of what you can spend on an alarm system is relatively drastic. You can easily spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on ADT security alarms. Ultimately, the cost is determined by the features that you decide to include in your alarm system. Make sure that you know the features included in your security system, such as surveillance cameras, motion detectors, window securities, etc. Each of these items adds an element of protection – your alarm system can essentially be custom built for your needs and your comfort.

Determine If You Will Use Your Landline

Many alarm systems run directly through a home’s landline. If security is breached, the landline directly calls the alarm company who notifies the police. But with today’s technological advancements, this is no longer the only way to set up an alarm. Many people don’t even use landlines anymore. Many alarm systems can now be set up to have a cellular backup, Internet monitoring, and other devices that can allow your alarm system to work without a landline.

In conclusion, know and understand the components you need in an ADT security system and have everything installed to suit the unique security needs of your home and family.

Keeping Your Home Safe with ADT Home Alarms

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If you’re looking into purchasing ADT home alarms, chances are you value the safety of your home. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that whether or not you own an alarm system, there are numerous things that you and your family can do to keep your home safe, both when you are at home and away.


A well-lit home, especially doorways and driveways, can deter individuals from trespassing on your property. Don’t necessarily use motion detector lights, but make sure these areas are brightly lit at all times. If you are not at home, consider putting your outdoor lights on automatic timers, and consider leaving some smaller lights on inside your home. Burglars will not know if anyone is actually home and be more likely to pass over your house.


Security doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to ADT home alarms. Make sure that all of your doors and windows are tightly secured and locked at all times. If you are looking to install locks on your door, remember that deadbolts are the most effective in deterring intruders, and are also more difficult to break than other locks. Also, consider installing security bars and other forms of security to garage doors and basement doors inside your home as an extra layer of protection.


Make sure that your shrubs are well-trimmed. Burglars and intruders are looking for subtlety, coverage and a place to hide, and if you keep your bushes and shrubs well-trimmed, they won’t have an extra place to hide. Additionally, it’s not a bad idea to consider planting thorny bushes underneath your windows as yet another deterrent.


While dogs might not deter criminals, they provide yet another warning sign that something may not be right. Early detection is one of the best ways to prevent intruders, and dogs are certainly effective at that task.

Benefits of ADT Home Security Systems

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Some of the benefits of installing ADT home security systems are fairly obvious. In a world where uncertainty is a constant, an alarm system can offer you and your family some peace of mind. When you are away from home, you can have the confidence knowing that when you arrive home knowing there will be no unwanted individual waiting for you in your home. And when you go to sleep, you can feel safe. But there are some benefits to having alarm systems that you might not have automatically assumed existed—read on to hear about a few of them!

Home Insurance

Few people know that installing ADT home security systems can actually lower the cost of your home insurance. Many insurance providers will lower the cost of their policy, and this alone can make the installation costs worthwhile.

Deterring Crime

Obviously, if someone entered your house, your alarm system would certainly notify you. But not everyone knows that owning ADT home security systems actually deter burglars and other home intruders. In fact, simply seeing ADT stickers on the windows of your home is a deterrent for many. Studies have shown that, unarguably, having an alarm system makes your home less appealing to intruders. But this doesn’t mean that burglars are simply going to skip your house and head next door. Studies also show that alarm systems protect the houses around you, because intruders are less likely to stay in your general area. In fact, several alarm systems can protect an entire residential neighborhood.


Besides just being a crime deterrent, alarm systems also provide additional safety. Many can be hooked up to smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, and they also have buttons located on the alarm keypad where you can directly call the fire department or police department. These features are certainly useful to have in your home, and they prove that alarm systems are not only necessary in the case of an intruder!