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Design the ADT Security System That Best Meets Your Needs

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In today’s world, there is no such thing as being too safe. When protecting your home, your valuables, and your loved ones, ADT security systems are one of the many choices you can make for your home or business alarm system needs. An ADT security system is a customizable home or business protection system, and offers various options for customers based on their greatest security concerns. Having a general understanding of the options available for your security system can be helpful before you contact the company about their service.

Basic Components
All systems come with a control panel and touch pad. Additionally, the system is made up of window and door monitors, motion detectors, and an indoor sounder/ alarm. All monitors and motion sensors can be controlled wirelessly, or hardwired, depending on the coverage plan you choose.

Fire Protection
ADT security systems offer an additional option of fire protection. When this plan is selected, the company includes smoke detectors in your package. If a fire is detected, ADT will contact your local fire department on your behalf. If you decide to take your fire protection plan an additional step, ADT offers the option to also add cellular phone backup to your plan. Cellular phone backup removes the concern that your ADT system may be destroyed in a fire, as you can contact the company’s monitoring center via your cell phone, the same way you would on your control panel/ touch pad.

ADT Pulse
The ADT Pulse upgrade allows customers to control their alarm system, thermostat, security cameras, lights and more through their mobile phone, laptop or tablet. The program also allows users to lock and unlock their doors remotely, as well as a variety of other convenient controls.

Additional Add-Ons
There are many other upgrade options for your ADT system. Customers can customize their security plan with add-ons such as additional window and door monitors, glass-break sensors, flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and more. Additionally, ADT offers window and yard signs, allowing burglars and intruders to know immediately that your home is being monitored.

Answers to Your Questions about Security Systems for the Home

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You may be vaguely familiar with security systems for the home. Perhaps you have seen a sign in a neighbor’s yard, declaring that their home is protected by a certain alarm company, or have seen a commercial on television advertising the services offered by one of the larger security companies. If you have ever considered getting your own home alarm system, there are some basics about security systems for the home that you will want to understand.

How They Work

A home security system begins with sensors. Sensors are installed by a technician and placed throughout the home to monitor for situations such as intrusion, fire or high carbon monoxide levels. Also installed within the home is a control panel. At the first sign of an emergency, a sensor is triggered, and then sends a message to the control panel. The control panel then alerts the monitoring center using a phone or Internet connection. Depending on the company, the monitoring center will either contact you by phone or alert the proper authorities, who will respond to your emergency accordingly.

What They Offer

Security systems for the home are no longer solely focused on burglars and intruders. Most companies also offer monitoring for fire, carbon monoxide exposure and more. Additionally, several home security systems now feature home automation services, allowing you to control household functions such as lighting, temperature control, and the use of some “smart” appliances remotely, away from the home. Being knowledgeable about the services that are a priority to you is key when seeking security systems for the home.

What Happens if You Don’t Like It

Upon having a security system installed in your home, you may discover that you are not satisfied. Whether it’s the service, the setup of the system itself, or the fact that the alarm goes off more than you expected due to its sensitivity, be sure that you are aware of the warranty policy of the companies you are considering. Security systems for the home are a large investment and a substantial commitment. Be sure that if you try it and don’t like it, the company will let you out of your agreement.