Essential Package

ADT’s Essential / Keyfob Package keeps you safe and secure with 24/7 burglary & keyfob monitoring. In addition, you’ll also benefit from ADT’s quality service plan, manual alarms for police, fire and medical, and monitoring for system power outages and trouble conditions. Your free security system includes:

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With no drilling required, battery-operated wireless sensors can alert you and the authorities if an intruder tries to enter your home via any protected door or window. Whether you’re home or away, you’ll have complete coverage.
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A motion detector adds another layer of protection. With this ADT security package, you won’t suffer through endless false alarms from pets wandering around at night. When this alarm sounds, you’ll know there’s an unwanted person in your home.
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Hang one of these remote controls on your keychain and quickly call for help during a break in or medical emergency. If you’re within 200 feet of your home, just push a button and assistance will be on the way.
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Who has time to find phone numbers or even use speed dial during an emergency? With this ADT security package, you can call for police, fire or medical help with the push of a button.
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In the event that you or your family are held hostage and forced to disable your security system, you can enter a special code that will secretly alert ADT of your situation and allow them to dispatch help to your location.
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Want to know when people are coming and going? Program door chimes to notify you when your doors are open.
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Intruders try to catch you off guard. The elements of surprise and fear can give them the upper hand if you’re not prepared. Once the high decibel siren included in your ADT package sounds, you’ll regain control as burglars quickly flee.
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Bad weather, electric company maintenance or power surges won’t leave you unprotected. Your Essential security package comes complete with a 24-hour battery backup that keeps you safe.
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Did you know that even the use of ADT yard signs and window decals can deter robbers from approaching your home? Post these emblems and everyone will know your home is fully protected.
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Not only will a certified professional install your ADT security package, you’ll also receive a complete walkthrough afterwards with personalized training for you and your family. Why risk jeopardizing your protection due to faulty self-installation? Especially when your Essentials package offers half-off the regular installation fee.
Just pay a $99 customer installation charge and $36.99 per month for alarm monitoring services. There are no activation or hidden fees, but certain terms and conditions do apply. Please see below.

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