ADT Pulse® + Video Package

ADT Pulse® + Video security package gives you all the advanced intruder protection you and your family deserve at home and via handy keyfob monitoring. In the event that your telephone line is down or deactivated, CellGuard® allows your ADT system to communicate via a cellular signal. With ADT Pulse you can arm and disarm your alarm remotely, get mobile alerts and watch live video on your web enabled device. Your security system includes::

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Want a home security system, but don’t like the idea of drilling holes in your windows and doors? With ADT’s wireless sensors, no damage will be done to your home and sensors can be easily moved in the future if your security needs change.
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Pet-immune motion detectors give you the protection you want without the bother of constant false alarms. They are sensitive enough to alert you of intruders, but intelligent enough to ignore pets.
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ADT keyfobs guarantee you can reach help even if you aren’t inside your house. Press the alert button from anywhere within 200-feet of your system to get assistance.
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Who has time to find and dial a phone when there is an emergency in progress? Now you only have to tap one button to signal ADT and EMTs, policemen or firemen will be on the way.
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In home invasions and burglaries, it’s common for the phone lines to be cut. Your ADT system will still connect to the monitoring centers via Cell Guard® cellular back-up. This is also an excellent feature if you no longer use land line phone service.
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Arm and disarm your alarm system remotely and receive mobile alerts.
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Watch live video on your hand held device.
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In situations where you may be forced to disarm your alarm system under duress, you’ll have a special hostage code you can enter. Without your captors knowing, you’ll be alerting ADT of your situation before the system is deactivated.
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Few things are as scary as coming face to face with an unexpected person in your home. With the door chimes included in your ADT security package, you’ll know every time a door is opened.
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Something sure to put robbers and vandals on the run is a high decibel siren. This extremely loud alarm not only causes criminals to vanish, but can also alert your neighbors that you’re in trouble.
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You’ll be safe even in the midst of a power outage with the 24-hour battery backup system included in the Expanded security package.
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Did you know that homes with security systems are up to 4 times less likely to be broken into? Let everyone know your home is protected by using these yard signs and window decals.
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While installing security packages yourself might seem like a great way to save money, here are a few things you probably don’t know. DIY installations are the primary cause of frequent false alarms. In order to ensure your system works properly a phone line seizure must be performed: this is only available through a certified technician. Your Expanded security package includes 50% off the regular installation fee – just $99.
All the equipment listed above is yours absolutely free when you enroll in ADT monitoring. For a one-time $99 installation fee and $58.99/month monitoring charge, you can protect your family and belongings with some of the most advanced technology available. There are no activation or hidden fees, but certain terms and conditions do apply. Please see below.

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