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The Features of ADT Security Systems

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If you’re purchasing ADT security systems, it is very important to know all the features that are available to you with your new alarm system. Here are a few basic concepts that you should know about what your new alarm system will likely include.

The Keypad

When ADT security alarms are installed in your home, the first thing that you’re going to notice is the keypad. The keypad is perhaps the most important aspect of ADT security systems, as far as you (the homeowner) is concerned, because it is with this keypad that you will control your alarm system. It is important to set up the keypad with a code that you and your family members will recognize and remember so that you can turn the alarm on and off and change the settings if necessary.

Bypass Features

The keypad also displays the current status of your alarm system, and it allows you to bypass certain zones within your house. For example, if you want to set your alarm and all of your motion detectors, you have the option to bypass a zone where you know there will be movement, such as a cat in your basement. That way, the cat will not set off the alarm system while you are away.

Other Security Features

You also have the option to set up a “false” keypad code, so that, if you were to enter this code, the alarm would turn off as though you entered the correct code, but the police would be automatically notified and would be dispatched to your home. The keypad also allows you to call the police and the fire department (and with some systems, poison control) with the push of one button. With certain systems, you also have the option to set up flood, fire, and smoke detectors.