CellGuard® Package

ADT Monitored CellGuard® Security Package adds another layer of protection to your 24 hour a day invader & keyfob monitoring. In the event that your telephone line is down or deactivated, CellGuard® allows your ADT monitored system to communicate via a cellular signal. This advanced feature plus ADT’s superior-rated service, panic buttons, and remote power outage and trouble alerts give you the level of security you deserve. Your free security system includes:

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Battery-operated, wireless sensors mean no criminal can disable your level-of-entry protection. Sleep soundly knowing that power and phone outages don’t compromise your family’s security.
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Tired of false alarms sounding at all hours because your pet went for a midnight stroll around your house? ADT motion detectors are pet immune. They are calibrated for just the right amount of weight to warn you only of legitimate threats.
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Hook it to your keychain, drop it in your pocket. Carrying an ADT keyfob gives you a one-button call for help from anywhere within 200-feet of your system.
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When you’re in the midst of an emergency, there’s no time to think much less pick up a phone and call for help. With ADT’s keypad panic feature, help is only a button push away.
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Digital cellular back-up technology enables your home security system to communicate with ADT’s monitoring centers even if your phone line is cut or inoperable. CellGuard® is the perfect solution if you do not have a land line or wish to have the additional security of a cellular phone backup.
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One of the first things home invaders do is demand that you disable your security system. Thanks to ADT, you can now use a special duress code that alerts the control center of your situation without your captors knowing.
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Being snuck up on is a horrible feeling. Especially if you end up face to face with a burglar. As an additional security measure, your Premium package includes door chimes that can alert you every time doors are opened.
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Thieves and vandals make their living by being quiet and going unnoticed. With your ADT system, intruders will quickly be sent on their way thanks to a high decibel siren that’s loud enough to wake you and your neighbors.
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There’s no need to fear when the power goes out. Your ADT Premium package comes complete with a 24 hour back-up battery that keeps your system operational for a full day.
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Did you know most burglars will pass by homes that display security emblems? That’s because they know the risk of getting caught is significantly higher than with homes that are unprotected. Post your ADT signs and decals to let would-be thieves know you’re not to be messed with.
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Courteous, certified professionals are available to install your security system as well as train you and your family on how to use it. The process usually takes about 3 hours and gives you the assurance that your ADT system is properly installed, tested and ready to defend your family.
All the equipment listed above is yours absolutely free when you enroll in ADT monitoring. For a one-time $99 installation fee and $48.99/month monitoring charge, you can protect your family and belongings with some of the most advanced technology available. There are no activation or hidden fees, but certain terms and conditions do apply. Please see below.

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